Thursday, 14 September 2017

Facebook and LinkedIn want to find you a business mentor

Two of the planet's greatest social websites are on a mission to find you a business coach.

LinkedIn Last month launched a fitting service as part of the network's career advice hub, allowing anyone volunteer to mentor or flag themselves as a potential mentee, it could be for small business coach training or finding employment.

Now Facebook is thought to be working on a similar scheme, TechCrunch discovered Facebook is testing methods of matching mentors and mentees via factors such as geographic location and livelihood.

Yes, both of those services are providing business coaching features as a means of bringing other profitable company, like recruitment.

But it's excellent news anyway because for most entrepreneurs mentoring is often the secret to success.

Locate your mentor

Learning From those with more experience seems obvious, it is what we do at college, college and together with our families, but when it comes to perform it seems to be a lesson we quickly forget.

In the United Kingdom Only 22% of little and midsize businesses state they have experienced small business coach training or mentoring, based on accountancy group Sage.

That's Despite 93 percent of these recognizing that mentoring along with also the recommendation of a more seasoned company could help them to succeed and improve worker productivity.

Especially outside of technology circles, it seems many folks are either too proud to seek mentoring or presume that mentoring is not for them since their company is too small or because they aren't the CEO or creator.

The reality is that mentoring is for everyone, whatever stage your career or your company is at, you could always learn from a person who's been around before, even if it's about time management.

The Federation of Small Businesses has even found that for entrepreneurs mentoring is even more critical. 70 percent of small businesses with a mentor exist for five decades or longer, double the speed in comparison with entrepreneurs with mentors.

Currently with LinkedIn, and soon with Facebook, it has never been easier to put your hand up and start searching for a business coach in Melbourne.

Time to locate your business coach.

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